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Drawn Back In

This month I’ve been drawn back in to drawing from life, and it’s been such a welcome return.

USk sketch in the local indie cinema in dark green felt tip pen. A large prominent banner advertises the Amy Winehouse biopic, Back To Black.
detail of a sketch in the local indie cinema

The last six months have been so busy with all sorts of things that I’d stopped drawing from life without really noticing. I think the biggest change was my daughter dropping all her naps. I often used to be stuck in a carpark with a sleeping toddler and could at least take 35 mins to draw the view through the windscreen. March has seen me getting back into drawing from life and it’s been so great.

life drawing pose in green felt tip pen. the scene includes the background with a rug, office style chair, space heater, an artist and the toilet door.
sketch showing the unglamorous side of life modelling

There is a life drawing session just up the road from me on Tuesday evenings which I’ve been to twice now. It has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and some super talented artists. Fantastic to not only draw, but get to see everyone else’s approach and chat over cheese and wine.

My favourites are the short 1 or 2 minute sketches. I could do an hour of just those.

pencil sketch of a dynamic life drawing pose
2 minute sketch in pencil
green felt tip pen sketch of a dynamic life drawing pose
1 minute sketch in felt tip

I also hosted the Reading USk meet up this month, which is always great and we have a lot of people who regularly come along now. We were based in The Biscuit Factory which has just the best atmosphere and lots of great things to draw. It also has a brilliant balcony with views down Oxford Road and across to the old stone buildings above the shops.

still life and pencil sketch of a glass bottle of coke with straw, box of popcorn, and chocolate brownie.
one person even set up their own cinema themed still life, so I had to do a quick sketch of that!
sketchers sat on a yellow balcony in front of a giant mural of exotic birds made of flowers.
I was too distracted by the awesome murals on the balcony to draw the view

This next month I have a lot of illustration stuff to do and many busy things with Easter, but I hope to keep squeezing in drawing from life.

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  1. Deborah DeLuca

    Awesome! Welcome back.

  2. Charlotte Glaze

    Drawing from life is something I need to do more of as well. Great job!

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