toadstool crochet pattern

This pattern is for a seamless amigurumi mushroom or toadstool with a ribbed underneath to represent the gills. They are made in one piece, starting at the base of the…

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Market Bag

You will need two colours of dk/worsted/aran weight yarn and a 5mm hook. The two yarns should be approximately the same thickness. Here I needed ~35g of pink and ~45g…

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lace spiral coaster

I’ve seen many different instructions for this kind of spiral pattern and I tried a few but they didn’t seem to work out properly so I started from scratch and…

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one piece giraffe

  He's almost one piece. The ears and tail are added after but there's no annoying sewing on of each leg, etc. individually. I originally posted this pattern a few years back…

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Broomstick lace

Follow this tutorial to make a fun bracelet and learn the broomstick lace crochet stitch. Even though it looks intricate it's actually quite a simple stitch so jump in and give it a go.

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