Nicola Schofield

Art & Illustration

Sunny Rooftops


This is a digital urban sketch of the rooftop view from my bedroom window.

Lockdown life means most of us are stuck inside for the majority of the time. This means views through our windows become more important, connecting us to the rest of the world.

I’m having a hard time with all things art and craft at the moment. I have some very painful wrist issues and while I wait for a physio appointment all I can really do is rest my hands. This is hard! I really miss sketching, knitting, crochet and all other arty crafty things. I can’t really even use a mouse or hold a pen to write. Poor me 🙁

After contributing to a Reading Urban Sketchers blog post on digital urban sketching a few weeks ago I really really missed drawing so decided to take it slow and try to create something. This is the view from my bedroom window drawn on an iPad in Procreate using a few textures and some watercolour brushes. It took around a week to complete working in small 5 minute chunks and wearing a wrist/thumb brace – hence the wobbliness of the linework as I couldn’t hold a pen normally – but I decided to just embrace that style! The iPad tells me it was about 2 hours of real time in total. If i’d completed this in one sitting then it would have been less time as stopping and starting naturally slows you down.

One good thing about completing it over a long time period was that I could choose the lighting / weather / atmosphere I liked best that happened over the week. This was a sunny early afternoon and I wanted to capture the shadow shapes across the rooftops as well as the brightness of the sunlight.

Writing this blog post took another couple of weeks – typing on a keyboard is surprisingly one of the most painful things I can do! Plus I’m being kept very busy with a 6 week old at the moment.

Fingers crossed I’m on the mend soon and can start churning out spontaneous sketches again completed during a single nap time. In the meantime, if anyone has any creative ideas of how to make art without using my hands then i’d love to hear them 🙂