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Earth in space crochet hat

I turned my Earth pom pom into a toddler space hat. If you would like to do the same follow the instructions below for both the hat and the pom pom.


The hat is very simple and worked from the top down in a continuous spiral. crochet into the back loop only of every stitch unless the instructions say otherwise. American crochet terms are used but only sc and hdc stitches are needed. These translate to dc and htr in English terms. Gauge is not important and you can make this hat to fit anyone.

Round 1. In dark grey, dark blue, dark purple or black create a magic ring containing 6sc.

Round 2. 2sc in each stitch (12 stitches total)

Round 3. * 2sc, 1sc * repeat 6 times (18 stitches total)

Round 4. * 2sc, 1sc, 1sc * repeat 6 times (24 stitches total)

Round 5. * 2hdc, 1hdc, 1hdc, 1hdc * repeat 6 times (30 stitches total)

Round 6. *2hdc, 1hdc, 1hdc, 1hdc, 1hdc * repeat 6 times (36 stitches total)

Continue in this same pattern (round 7 would have 5 single hdc stitches between the increases, round 8 would have 6, etc.) until the circle diameter is the correct size according to this wonderful hat sizing chart from Creating Beautiful Things in Life. I made this to fit a 3-year-old so continued increasing until the circle diameter measured 16cm.

Next and all subsequent rounds. 1hdc each stitch, no need to keep track of rounds, just keep going in a continuous spiral until the hat length matches the size of hat you’re making according to the same chart linked above. Again, I used the “2-5 years” row so made my hat 19cm tall.

Once the hat is long enough sc the next stitch, slip stitch the next 2 stitches then fasten off and weave in the ends.

In white, sew a few stars to one side of the hat, as shown in the photo.


Either with a pom pom maker or just circles of cardboard create an Earth pom pom as shown in the diagram below. First wind white yarn around the four ends of the maker or in two opposite blobs if you have a cardboard ring. Next wind some uneven green shapes to form continents and then finally wind blue around all the middle but don’t cover the white poles. Cut open, tie off and trim then use the tails to attach to the crown of the hat.



This is a free pattern & you can sell any items you make from it – I wish you huge success. It is not required but you would make me very happy if you included a link to this pattern in any blog posts / item listings / etc. Writing and testing a crochet pattern is hard work and I retain copyright of the images and the written pattern so please do not copy or distribute any part of this pattern and do not use these images in your listings – use only images of the actual items you create. Thank you and happy crocheting.

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    Can’t wait to make this. Thanks so much for the pattern.

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